Tim Curry set for Rocky Horror return!

By Emma Marie – Reporter 


In the early 1970s, struggling actor Richard O’Brien started to craft a musical, unaware of the success it would be. In 1973 this musical debuted, this musical being The Rocky Horror Show and only two years later was transformed into cult movie classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Amongst the cast was Tim Curry making his film debut who now has had great success. Within the film Curry played the enigmatic and flamboyant Dr Frank N Furter, a Frankenstein-esque scientist who creates a man and nearly destroys the relationship of a newly engaged couple. Tim Curry has since been long associated with this iconic role which seems to garner more and more fans for this legendary actor every year.

This autumn, television network Fox plans to air a two hour reimaging of Rocky Horror with Tim Curry in the role of the Criminologist -the character who narrates the events of the show for the audience. The Criminologist was originally played by Jonathan Adams on stage, who played Doctor Scott in the film adaptation. Curry will not be the first former cast member to have returned to Rocky Horror with Richard O’Brien having previously come back to play the Criminologist too.

This role will be the first physically acted role for the 69 year old actor since 2012 where he had a stroke that has confined him to a wheelchair since. Curry has come out in saying that “I am very happy and excited to be part of this new event.”  Also joining this production will be original executive producer Lou Adler who will be overseeing this production.

The fans other Rocky Horror tend to be protective of this show and many were worried when Fox announced that they were doing a reimaging, however with the original Frank N Furter joining the cast most people are looking forward to autumn with antici…pation.

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