By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson has called on Leader Jeremy Corbyn to resign. Watson is claiming that Corbyn is leaving Labour “in an impasse” which could lead to an “existential crisis” unless he resigns. The Deputy Leader, who served in Government under Tony Blair, said:

“I’m afraid Jeremy was not willing to discuss that with me. I’m assuming that he remains in office. That’s where the situation stands.

“I just think he feels very strongly that he has that mandate from the members. He holds less weight on parliamentary politics, and that’s where he is. He’s obviously been told to stay by John McDonnell and his team, and they’ve decided they’re going to tough this out. It looks like the Labour Party is heading for some kind of contested election.”

Watson has a track record of encouraging resignations; in 2006, he signed a letter calling for Tony Blair’s resignation as Prime Minister and just a day later, he then resigned from Cabinet in disgrace whilst calling on Blair to resign himself.

He has also hinted that John McDonnell, a highly controversial figure with links to the IRA, is the driving force keeping Corbyn in office.

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