Top 10 Peep Show moments


By Kate Hole

Peep Show, a sitcom which was first broadcast in 2003 follows the ‘adventures’ of twenty-something flatmates Mark and Jeremy. It has gained a cult following amongst socially awkward losers, and those who like to laugh at us, I mean them. The eagerly awaited ninth and final series is currently being filmed and will be on Channel 4 later in 2015. In celebration of this I would like to share some special moments of the show so far.

1.Jeremy eats a dog – Series 4, episode 5 “Holiday”

“Did you actually have to eat it?” “I don’t know. I keep wondering that that but you know, in the moment it really felt like I needed to eat it.”

Jez meets a girl, Aurora, while on a canal boat stag do he has planned for Mark. Unfortunately he backs a car over her dog ‘mummy’. After trying to bury the body they decide to burn it instead and when it won’t burn they put the remains in a carrier bag. They are then invited onto Aurora’s family’s boat where they claim it is left over barbecue food. When Aurora sees Mummy’s collar Jeremy feels he has to take a bite out of the dog’s leg to prove it.

2.Mark pretends to take ecstasy – Series 3, episode 5 “Jurying”

Sophie invites the unwilling Mark to a gay club with her friends and is eager for him to drop ecstasy with them. Mark pretends to do this and gets tips from Jez on how act like he’s on drugs, which makes Sophie quite worried about him.

3.Mark and Jez gets trapped in the ‘Nether Zone’ – Series 7, episode 4, “Nether Zone”

“What happens if you eat letterbox hair?”

On the day of Mark’s baby’s christening the pair get locked outside Zahra’s flat but can’t get out of the building. Jez wees out of the letterbox but then gets hungry and has to have pizza delivered through it which gets the cheese scraped off by the brushes and also gets slightly brushed in piss. 

4.The Bad Thing – Series 1, episode 4, “Mark makes a friend”

Jez goes on a drug binge with Super Hans and has a feeling something bad happened but he can’t remember what it is. He eventually recalls that he and Super Hans performed oral sex on each other.

5.Jeremy pisses himself at Mark’s wedding – Series 4, episode 6, “Wedding”

“Oh piss yourself, stop pissing yourself, it’s not that easy Mark… the flood gates are open!”

Mark and Jez hide upstairs in the church while Mark decides whether he’s going to go through with marrying Sophie. Mark refuses to let Jeremy go to the toilet and he eventually wets himself. The urine drips through the floorboards giving them away to the congregation assembled below. 

6.Mark comes in his pants – Series 5, episode 2 “Spin war”

“I win because they think I pissed myself, they have no clue I came all in my pants.”

When Mark goes to the stationary cupboard for something Dobby rubs her bum on his crotch and he comes in his pants. He then sees Sophie and Jeff getting high on the stairs and has to tell them he wet his pants a bit.

7.Jeremy poos in the pool – Series 4, episode 3, “Gym”

Mark and Jeremy hatch a plan to get Matt fired from the gym. Jeremy does a poo in the pool and claims Matt told them he likes to do that. When this alone doesn’t work they claim that Matt touched Mark’s penis.

8.Mark has gastric flu at Jeremy’s shroom party – Series 3, episode 3, “Shrooming”

Jez invites Big Suze over for a magic mushroom party but Mark is ill with the flu. Jez drugs Mark with medicine and locks him in his bedroom. Mark wakes up needing the toilet but Jeremy refuses to let him out and gives him a takeaway bag to do it in. Mark calls Johnson to rescue him and rushes to the toilet to do endless pooing while everyone stares at him because there’s no door on the bathroom.

9.Sectioning! – Series 3, episode 2, “Sectioning”

Super Hans: “He thinks there’s a pigeon in Catalonia that’s in control of his legs!”

After Mark and Jez’s old university friend ‘Merry’ is sectioned after telling Jez and Super Hans they can have her pub Mark thinks it best to hand over the deeds to the doctors because she may not have been in her right mind when she made the decision. Jez and Super Hans then try to get Mark sectioned. 

10.Jez as a life coach – Series 8, episode 4, “Big Mad Andy”

Jez life coaches Andy the decorator but it goes downhill when he threatens to drink paint and possibly kill himself unless Jez punches him repeatedly as a form of therapy

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