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Yummp_hk_lunchboxBy Andy Hall – Reporter


So you’re new to Preston, to University or to living to a budget? Perhaps all three? After living in Preston for the past 6 years and with not much penchant for home-cooking, find below my top ten recommendations for the best takeaways Preston has to offer.

10. Manzil Kebab House. 22 – 24 Adelphi Street. 01772 882266.

A self-titled Kebab and Curry house situated just opposite the library which at around 2am after a themed SU night you will find packed with people craving food. I’ve only ever eaten chicken and chips there but the portions were good, it appeared fresh and it was reasonably priced, what more do you want after a night of quizzes or karaoke?

  1. Chesters Chicken. 87 Moor Road. 01772 555164.

There feels like millions of chicken joints in Preston; I’ve not been, nor do I plan, to attend all of them. Chesters on Moor Road I’ve attended too many times to remember though. Average price, tasty chicken (I love their spicy wings) and open pretty much all hours of the day and night, it’s perfect after a night out or a cheap lunch between classes. A chicken joint is a chicken joint granted, but Chesters has always gone down well with me after a night out. Also, anyone that hasn’t heard of or tried Red Salt, you don’t need salt and vinegar on your chips because you’re in Lancashire now. Ask for Red Salt and you’re in for a culinary revolution. You’re welcome.

  1. Source Bar. Fylde Road. 01772 895477.

Okay, okay, Source isn’t strictly a takeaway (although their pizzas can be ordered to takeaway) but I can’t leave them out. They’re on campus, they have a really great menu, cheap prices, tasty food and a whole variety of drinks. Wait till the afternoon after any major night out when all you want is your friends to moan too, a bit of lively atmosphere to stop you from going back to bed and some nice cheap food to soak up any left-over alcohol. I really am a fan of Source, it can’t be lower down because it’s not a takeaway per se but it’s pretty ace and you’d be daft not to sample your own SU.

  1. 3 Monkeys. Adelphi Road. 07886 219127.

If you’re in a hurry but don’t want to eat something supermarket generic and boring then definitely pay 3 Monkeys a visit. Freshly cooked food with great variety and flavours and very importantly nice and cheap. They might only be sandwiches but they’re proper sandwiches, cooked quickly and they taste excellent.

  1. Quattro Italian Cuisine. Great George St. 01772 200029.

As cheap dinners go you can’t go far wrong with Quattro’s. Check out their Just-Eat menu for a full run down but expect a good range including pizzas, burgers, pastas, fish and grilled meat. My recommendation is the £2.99 pizza deal which is any 7’ Pizza, chips and drink. My pizzas have always come stacked with great ingredients, taste amazing and for £3 is an absolute bargain.

  1. Coco’s Soul Food. 88 Friargate Street. 01772 875589.

Since Coco’s opened it has been an absolutely massive hit with not just the students of Preston but the wider community also. In fact if you walk past it whenever it’s open you will always find it busy. On first appearances it could come across as a rough and ready diner but the food is fantastic. The Caribbean style food is cooked fresh to order and you can taste the soul in it. Excellently priced for the portions and with a great range of flavours.

  1. Tang. Fylde Road, Preston. 01772 729545.

Relatively close to campus, Tang offers both sit in and takeaway options. The food is of top quality and if you unsure what to order then you can ask for some suggestions as all the staff are very knowledgeable. Certainly not the cheapest takeaway in Preston but tasty food with a great choice available. The soft-shelled crab is divine.

  1. Sharoe Green. Sharoe Green Lane, Preston. 01772 716888.

My favourite Chinese takeaway in the whole of Preston. Great value for fantastic flavours and has always been delivered on time. Not exactly near campus so you’ll have to pay the delivery charge but it’s only a quid so won’t break the bank. Not only is the food delicious but the restaurant received 5 stars for hygiene which is great. If you’re after a wonderful Chinese takeaway then Sharoe Green should be your first port of call. Try the duck in green pepper and black bean sauce.

  1. Tuk Tuk. 129 Station Road, Bamber Bridge. 01772 337331.

Bamber Bridge is clearly the place for good Indian takeaways. Tuk Tuk offers a really great variety of curries and importantly offers special curries that are individual to the chef at the restaurant. I absolutely love Tuk Tuk, it’s well priced and always delivered on time and has always been my number one curry takeaway. It was really very difficult to choose between Tuk Tuk and my number one choice but you’re really not going to be disappointed if you do go with Tuk Tuk. Definitely try one of the Chef’s specials.

  1. Diyab Spice. 253 Station Road, Bamber Bridge. 01772 334440.

Okay so you’re not going to walk here either fresh of mind or after a night out but Diyab’s has to be my number one choice and I’ll explain why. We ordered here after happening upon it when looking for some competition from Tuk Tuk’s. They promised local chicken, authentic flavours, varied dishes and quick delivery times. They were not kidding. We had the Chicken Vindaloo (not for the spice novice) and the Tandoori Garlic Chilli Chicken Tikka with chips and a naan to share. This isn’t the cheapest takeaway but hands-down the most flavoursome and delicious Indian I’ve ever eaten. It was delivered in just under 40 minutes and they found the address perfectly (no mean feat for my flats). If you’re looking for honest, authentic and well-cooked Indian food that uses fresh herbs and ingredients then you must try Diyab Spice.

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