Top 3 Creepy Pokémon Fan Theories

By Joe Young - Deputy Culture Editor

Continuing Pokémon Week, we’ve gone slightly darker today, and showcased some of the creepiest fan theories we could find.


1) The Old Man of Anistar City


In the Kalos Region, in Anistar City, the player can met an old man who is suffering depression brought on by the death of his wife. He asks the player if he can borrow a Pokémon below Level 5 to keep him company, so he doesn’t feel so alone. As the game progresses, you can return and visit him. He tell the player that he feels young because of the Pokémon.

After beating the Elite 4, the player can return to Anistar City and visit his house, which will be empty. He’ll leave the Pokémon for the player, with the maximum level of affection, and a note thanking the player for their kindness during his final days. Where it gets creepy is that in the same city, there is a bridge. And on that bridge, there is a hidden item – an escape rope. Did that very rope let the Old Man escape his loneliness?

2) The Great Pokémon War


In the initial Pokémon games, there was a noticeable lack of adults. Most non-player characters (NPCs) were either old men, or young people. The Gym Leader of Vermilion City, Lt. Surge, mentions to the player that his love of electric Pokémon came about because “electric Pokémon saved [him] during the war!”

Now, consider that there are very few jobs that aren’t either something to do with fighting, military, organised crime, or public services in the Kanto region. Couple this with the fact that the player’s father is never seen, and the rival of the player is an orphan. Additionally, there are very few recreational facilities across the area.

The very Spartan feel of the region, plus the absence of almost an entire generation of adults would suggest that the Kanto region was the victim of a devastating, bloody conflict.

3) The Ghost Girl of Lumiose City


In Lumiose City, in the Kalos Region, there is a specific building. When you enter it, and go to a certain floor, the screen flashes, and a girl appears behind you and she tells you “No, you’re not the one”. She then disappears, without moving her feet – she glides. On the top floor of the building, you see her again, and she tells you not to talk to her, because she won’t be able to hear the elevator In Lumiose City’s train station, if you go behind the timetable and press ‘A’, you’ll get a message that reads “I’m going to go for help. Wait in the usual spot.”

Then, jump forward to the Elite 4. In the chamber of Ghost-type member Phoebe, as the screen fades, and in an assortment of hidden locations, you see the Ghost Girl. On a chair, in shadows, and at one point, lurking behind the player, with just a tiny glimpse of her visible.

It’s suggested that the Ghost Girl was having an affair, and because he got cold feet, her partner murdered her. She’s walked the Kalos Region ever since, trying to find the lover that ended her life to prematurely.

Can you think of any other creepy Pokémon fan theories? Let us know @UCLanPluto or leave a comment below.

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