Top 5 Comedy Horrors


By Caitlin Mclaren

For those wimps out there who just aren’t ready for the horrors of Halloween and will be spending the night, cuddled up to their favourite teddy watching cartoons to get them safely through the night then we’ve got a solution for you! Comedy horrors so you can still have your Halloween dignity without looking like a massive scaredy cat!

Shaun of the Dead

Following anti-hero Shaun through his failing life, he wakes up to find there has been a zombie apocalypse and has to save his mum and friends…and wait for it to all blow over! The best thing about Shaun of the Dead is the laughs you get but also there is the gruesome side where you do see a lot of blood so it’s the perfect mixture! Packed with British comedy, I doubt anyone could be scared of this classic!

Scary Movie 2

Cindy returns when she is asked to go to a Hell House where unknowingly, a haunting takes place. Scary Movie 2 focuses solely on the comedy element and rather that have scary elements actually takes the mick out of different horror films for laughs to make the audience less scared! With slapstick comedy and a rude talking parrot, Scary Movie 2 is a truly unmissable delight!

Scary Movie 3

Following Cindy, she has to find the source of a video tape that is making everyone die in 7 days as she’s counting down the days, she desperately looks for help! Completely ripping to shreds a film that petrified some people, The Ring, Scary Movie makes some scenes within the film look pathetic! Whenever I watch The Ring now, I’m expecting the haunted video to have toilet humour! Scary Movie truly helped me over my fear of horror films.


One of my all time favourite films, a loner takes to the road to return to his family who he still believes to be alive, he meets a badass zombie killer and become the most unlikely friend. On their travels, they bump into a hot girl and her little sister who continue to outsmart them throughout the film! The best thing about Zombieland is the all star cast playing lovable characters and contains the best Bill Murray cameo you’ll ever see!

The Voices

Ryan Reynolds plays a psychopath who goes on a murdering spree which is put upon him by his….cat and dog. It’s got such dark humour and doesn’t take away from the fact that it is still a horror film but with a humour element! The film has a unique style which is shown through the eyes of the psychopath, Jerry, rather than being actually petrified as the victim. It gives you good insight into the mind of a murderer!


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