Top 5 Creepy Star Wars Fan Theories

By Ashleigh Clarke - Reporter

Fan theories are a concept that have been around for a very long time and I wish I could bullet point them all in the style of the opening sequence of the film, something like “A long time ago, on the 5000th page of Google, lived speculating fans…and theories, too many to mention in one singular post”. So, in honour of Star Wars week, I’ve decided to discuss 5 which stand out the most to me.

5. Stormtroopers didn’t actually kill Luke’s Aunt and Uncle

While the Empire were out searching for the droids – R2-D2 AND C-3PO, Luke’s Aunt and Uncle were unfortunately murdered in the aftermath. But what fans have noticed…is that this isn’t normal Stormtroopers MO. Sure they’d be willing to trash the house to find what they’re looking for…but killing them seems a bit dramatic.

So, according to the scenes in the Special Editions, Boba Fett was on Tatooine at the time of the murders, which makes it completely understandable he was the one who did it. We’re well aware the Empire is willing to shell out jobs to bounty hunters after all.

In one scene where Darth Vader is pointing out the logistics of the plan to a team of mercenaries, he turns to Boba Fett and makes sure to tell him ‘NO disintegrations’. Under normal circumstances, you don’t turn around to someone and tell them that if they haven’t done it before, do you?

4. Han Solo is Force sensitive

He’s one of those guys that gets away with absolutely anything, if you’ve seen the films (which if you haven’t, what’s wrong with you?) you’ll notice that he’s one of the luckiest people in the galaxy.

Many fans have suggested and toyed with the idea that Han is actually sensitive to the Force, and doesn’t actually know it. How else would you explain surviving carbonate incarceration, escaping bounty hunters and navigating through an asteroid field despite C-3PO’s claims?

We all know that Han doesn’t believe in the Force entirely, but like most things, you don’t have to believe in it for it to affect you. Hm…

3. Ewoks ate the Stormtroopers

These furry little creatures were, and still are my least favourite being’s in the whole world. They creep me out, and this fan theory backs up my point even more.

So, everybody remembers the ‘Yub Nub’ party at the end of Return of the Jedi right? If you don’t, or you still haven’t seen Star Wars yet, I suggest you sit down and think carefully about where you’re going wrong. Basically, there was a lot of hugging, congratulating and…the feasting of human flesh.

We literally see them try and eat Han, Luke and Chewbacca and it took telekinetic powers to make them stop and back off. But then further along, we see Stormtrooper helmets all in a line being used as bongo drums. The forest floor was strewn with dead Stormtroopers, so they’re not going to let that all go to waste are they?

So, whenever you try and defend these cuddly looking bears, just remember that they would turn you inside out before you can say, ‘May the Force be with you’.

2. Anakin used to Force to Manipulate Padme

So, some fans believe that he actually did this, as their love portrayed on screen was just not that believable at all and they shared no chemistry whatsoever. Plus she tolerates his whiny attitude and the slaughter of children – the first time round.

In an attempt to salvage their so called “relationship”, fans came up with the idea that she was never truly in love with him, but didn’t know any better due to the Force’s mind games. Long term exposure is what caused her to make all the wrong decisions and think that she loved him back. Given the fact that he was obsessed with her, and his characteristically unstable nature, he probably thought that was he was doing, was okay.

He takes creepy to the next level…

1. Jar Jar Binks is a Sith Lord

Last but not least, which is by far one of the most popular theories, is the theory that this lovable, annoying idiot is actually a secret mastermind controlling everything that is going on.

No one this stupid couldn’t have gotten away with everything this guy has. From shooting battle droids with his feet to dissembling entire tanks and assisting Palpatine throughout his rise to power by attending galactic events and guiding an entire senate into action. How could he have achieved all this if he was just a simple minded Gungan with a mouth that won’t quit?

Although this verges more fun than fact, the theory carries through.

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