Top 5 Most Hateable Star Wars Characters

By Joe Young - Deputy Culture Editor

Our Star Wars series kicks off with a list of the most irritating, annoying, and hateable characters in the franchise.

#5 – Darth Maul


This Zabrak character (it’s a type of alien) exists purely to do pirouettes in space which show off his double-ended lightsaber. There is no real practical purpose to him – the villain of Episode I could have been someone so much better. Perhaps someone more related to the Confederacy of Independent Systems that the film opens with? I won’t pretend he doesn’t look menacing (it’s funny because the film is The Phantom Menace) and that his lightsaber isn’t cool, because both of those would be bare-faced lies, but at the same time he was introduced purely to do space ballet.

#4 – General Grievous


Another pointless character, General Grievous looks like a robotic heroin addict. He’s animated well, and his bike-wheel thingy is cool, but you just see him and know that he’s an exercise in animation. It’s not like he was animated badly – he definitely was not – but at the same time it’s a bit disappointing to have a main(ish) character exist purely to show off how good your CGI is.

#3 – Ewoks


These daemons look like a cross between anaphylaxis and cotton wool that’s been used to take off cheap make-up. They’re cutesy for no reason whatsoever, and to quote Family Guy, how can a species that uses stone spears understand the finer points of cosmetology? It just doesn’t make sense. And as such, these little beasts are easy to hate.

#2 – Jar Jar Binks


Not the worst character there is, but one of them. His accent, his clumsiness, his outsider status. All reasons we’re supposed to love him. But these are all reasons to hate him. He doesn’t come across as endearing at all. He comes across punchable. Very punchable.

#1 – General Huxgeneral-hux_078a3f89

A different kind of hateable. This is the way you hate Professor Umbridge, not the way you hate Jar Jar. Widely comparable to Space Hitler, Hux was in control of the Starkiller Base, which is like the Star Wars equivalent of the final solution. He’s also ginger. Not that we advocate ginger abuse. Unfortunately, he isn’t dead yet so we’ll be suffering through more of his arrogance in the next installments.

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