Top 5 Star Wars Toys

By Joe Young - Deputy Culture Editor

Next up in our Star Wars series, we’re discussing our favourite Star Wars toys. See our picks below!

#5 – Naboo Starfighter & Droid Starfighter Battle Set


This Battle Set consists of a handle with a trigger, and a laser sensor attached, topped with a Starfighter in four parts. You’d chase people around with them, and shoot them, and after ten successful shots, your ship would “explode”, meaning the four spring-loaded pieces would pop off to explosion sound effects. Not exactly cutting edge technology now, but when it was released it was absolutely fantastic.

#4 – Millennium Falcon ToyB0572T050_DAD_SWHeroMillenniumFalcon_life12-1536x864-558171069808

This behemoth of a toy measures over two feet (60cm) long and has features such as flashing lights and pop out guns. It’s big enough for a grown adult to pick up and play with without looking too much like a bell*nd. Who doesn’t love making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs? Well, aside from those who know about physics.

#3 – Star Wars Action Figures

action figures

At the time of the Original Trilogy, these figures were innovative. It was uncommon for there to be quite so many action figures released at one time. The series has developed over time, and new ones have been released for every movie. For notably cool ones, look at General Grievous and Darth Maul.

#2 – Star Wars LegoP1030001


Some of the coolest, and most expensive Lego sets ever released, Lego Star Wars has become an institution in its own right – just look at the Lego Star Wars video games – very playable, and very easy to get into, but with enough of a challenge to it to want to re-play to make perfect. A notable mention for this is the Lego Death Star, which costs around £500, and is one of the most technically difficult Lego kits around.

#1 – LightsabersStar-Wars-Lightsaber-Toys-And-Replicas


There are three definites in this world. Death, taxes, and at some point, you will have played with a sword/lightsaber/garden cane. The lightsabers, like the rather cool set above, come in all shapes and sizes, and you can even get them for specific characters. I remember my younger brother getting a green Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber, and I got a blue Qui-Gon Jinn lightsaber. We used to have battles in the garden for hours. With a little bit of imagination, a lightsaber can be a world of fun.

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