Top 5 Summer Beauty Hacks


By Lucy Hill – Chief Lifestyle Reporter

Summer is the time of the year when lots of people desire to have a sun kissed tan, silky smooth legs, the perfect beach bod and healthy looking skin.

When it comes to beauty, many products out there can be time consuming to use and the results may often take longer than you want to show.

But have no fear, here are our top beauty hacks for this summer.


How to avoid a streaky tan

To help maintain an even looking tan, St Tropez Tan Optimiser is the answer to revitalise a tired looking tan.

Use an exfoliation shower mitt to remove any dead skin before applying the fake tan. This will help you get a smooth, even coverage helping you get a more even looking tan.

When topping up your tan, apply the tan optimiser in-between tanning and after a few applications you will notice the difference!

This product not only optimizes the tan but sustains the strength of tan and creates a long lasting effect.



Achieving a Kylie Jenner pout – the safe way

Ditch the bottles and grab a toothbrush.

This is what I would call the safer way to get a bigger pout. After seeing all those videos of teens ending up with permanent ‘trout pouts’ I decided to find a more simple and subtle way of achieving buff lips.

First, dip your toothbrush in a cup of warm water and gently brush over the bottom and top lip, doing small circular motions. This is to help circulate blood flow to your mouth resulting in slightly more ‘puffy’ looking lips. Leave it a bit and then apply Vaseline for a luscious pout!

This will also help anyone with dry lips.


Dry skin from sunburn? We have the answer.

The after effects of sunburn are never nice and so Aloe Vera gel is a great remedy for lessening sunburn and instead helping to maintain your summer tan.

Calypso after sun aloe vera gel has a cooling intensive moisturiser that sooths skin and can be quickly absorbed.

It also contains Witch Hazel-known for its natural healing abilities.

Apply to the skin and leave on overnight to be absorbed. Carry on the application regularly if you want to maintain your tan and moisturise dry skin. Plus it smells great!

This product also works a treat if mixed with a blob of moisturiser.


8691159707_e5e7881665_kMoisturising those fingers and toes

Tired of waiting ages for moisturiser to dry? Well a top tip for moisturising is to do it just before you go to bed; waking up with smooth skin is the best feeling!

If you suffer from particularly dry skin on your hands and feet then why not wear a thin pair of gloves and/or socks; put them on straight after moisturising, wear them overnight to ‘lock in moisture,’ and when you wake up the next morning, remove them and voila you have lovely smooth skin!

Nivea soft is a favourite of mine, especially in the summer with its lightweight feel. Neutrogena foot cream is a miracle worker for dry feet and Vaseline cocoa radiant moisturiser is just as good. Its ingredients include pure coca butter and stratys multi-layer moisture.

Exfoliate beforehand for best results.


Fuller, longer lasting curls for your lashes

If you are a frequent ‘eyelash curler’ then this is for you!

If you struggle to find a decent pair of eyelash curlers that don’t seem to give your eyelashes a very long lasting curl, then why not try heating your eyelash curlers under a hairdryer for a few seconds, leave to cool a little and then use on your eyelashes.

You can buy heated eyelash curlers, but to save on cash, no need to look no further than your average hair dryer-heating the lashes helps set their shape and you won’t need to curl throughout the day. Simples.


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