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Ah, the wonderful world of Youtube. It’s the magical place where the good, the bad and the straight-up weird stuff are served on a silver platter (metaphorically speaking) just for our entertainment. But Youtube is definitely a black hole of videos and sometimes, it’s quite difficult to find good content with the millions of viral stuff and cat videos out there. Luckily for you, we thought we would share with you our top 7 Youtubers that definitely need to be on your subscription list!

Number 7: Daniela Andrade 

Youtube channel:

Let’s face it: there’s nothing better than hearing a great cover of your favourite song. Daniela Andrade is known for her gorgeous voice and her absolutely fab covers of popular songs. She definitely puts a lot of work and emotion into every song and is just the perfect choice for a listen on a rainy day.

Number 6: Flula

Youtube channel:

If you’re into beatboxing, cool remixes and quirky humour, then Flula Borg is your guy! You may know him from the movie Pitch Perfect 2, where he totally rocked being a badass singer in leather and mesh, but he truly shines on Youtube. Some of his best videos include the Auto Tunes series, in which he basically makes awesome covers with other Youtubers using weird sounds, cool equipment and pure talent.

Number 5: Mamrie Hart

Youtube channel:

We all know that a student’s life often revolves around partying and drinking, but we don’t really stray away from the traditional “drink whatever you can find” plan. Well, if you want to upgrade your house party game, Mamrie Hart is here to lend you a hand.

The comedian and former bartender posts videos of herself teaching the viewers how to make DIY cocktails in honour of various celebrities, all while entertaining us with puns and jokes. Who doesn’t love that?

Number 4: Fine Brothers

Youtube channel:

While I’m sure a lot of you already know these guys, there was no way we couldn’t include this channel on the list. The Fine Brothers are known in the Youtube community for their quality TV show-like series where they basically make people of all age groups react to all sorts of videos. Not only that, but they do an amazing job of covering 50 various news or Youtube spoilers in one take in 4 minutes. Now that’s some speed talking!

Number 3: JacksGap

Youtube channel:

Number 3 on our list is the lovely JacksGap channel. Originally created by the twins Jack and Finn Harries to record Jack’s gap year (hence the name), this Youtube channel has turned into a masterpiece of short videos covering lots of amazing places and their charity work around the word. Definitely quality stuff right here!

Number 2: Smosh Games

Youtube channel:

Whether they are video games, board games or any other type, we all love to play games once in a while, so you’ll definitely love watching Smosh Games videos. This spin-off gaming channel is chock full of cool video and board games tried out by the crew, crazy punishments and fun galore!

Number 1: Fun for Louis

Youtube channel:

It’s a universal truth: all of us want to travel everywhere, but unfortunately, the wallet is not being very cooperative in this matter. No worries though, because we found the best solution for this problem, and that is called Fun for Louis. This Youtube channel is basically Louis Cole’s video diary of his fab adventures all over the world and basically just enjoying life at its fullest. There is no place he hasn’t wandered off to and we are lucky enough to see everything though his eyes (or better said, lens).

Who is your top 7? Let us know @UCLanPluto or leave a comment below!

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