Top 8 Tacky Pokémon Clothes

By Lucy Wallwork - Reporter

Continuing Pokémon Week, Pluto Reporter Lucy Wallwork goes through the 8 tackiest pieces of Pokémon clothing.

1. Pokémon Print Leggings


Kickstarting our list are these vibrant, colourful leggings which would most likely be an eyesore from across the street on a bright summer’s day. If ever there were a tacky way to express your love for Pokémon, slathering them all over your legs is certainly the right way to go about it.

2. Snorlax Underwear


These luminous Snorlax knickers are sure to cause a giggle in the moment, but they certainly won’t make you look like a classy lady. As humorous as they are, tacky is plastered all over them, with no hint of elegance whatsoever.

3. Pokémon Rings


Gentlemen, if you’re considering buying this ring to pop the big question to your significant other, here’s a handy hint – DON’T. Even if she is a mega geek, no girl wants to flash something this tacky to her friends to prove you popped the question. Even as a casual piece of jewellery, this ring is a big no-no.

4. Pikachu Ear Plugs


We get it, you expand. But plastering the face of one of the world’s favourite franchises all over your out of shape earlobe really isn’t the way to go about it. They really do look as cheap as they are and no one will be afraid to say it.

5. Pokéball Bikini


This is sure to cause a splash during your next holiday but it doesn’t leave much to the imagination! If it’s elegance you’re going for, perhaps leave this one stashed in its own pokéball next time.

6. Snorlax Weed Hoody

snorlax hoodie

Next up on our list of tacky terrors is a weed-infused Snorlax hoody. Could there be a more perfect way for teenagers to express the two things they’re addicted most to? Yes, probably. This is certainly not something your mother would want to see you in, let alone the rest of the general public.

7. Lickitung Vest Top


With references to Khia’s famous song “My Neck, My Back” this hideous article of clothing is worth almost £35 on Amazon. Certainly not a good choice if you’re dressing to impress, unless you’re dressing for a competition in tackiness that is.

8. Pikachu Costume


And finally on our list of tacky Pokémon merchandise comes this, a hideous, revealing, furry Pikachu outfit. Complete with a fluffy tail, this really is an accurate way to scare off trick or treaters at Halloween.

Can you think of anything tackier? Let us know @UCLanPluto or leave a comment below

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