Tory MP Phillip Davies Rude to Constituent For Requesting 2nd Referendum

Conservative MP Phillip Davies has sent a constituent a rude email after she asked for support in calling for a second EU referendum.

Davies has often been named as a racist for his inflammatory comments:

On Islam:

“if there’s anybody who should fuck off it’s the Muslims”

On disabled people:

“My view is that for some people, the national minimum wage may be more of a hindrance than a help.”

On LGBT inclusivity:

“Do you agree with me that it is better for pupils to learn about Romeo and Juliet and Shakespeare, rather than politically correct Romeo and Julian?”

And on racism:

“Why it is so offensive to black up your face?”

His constituent, Ms C Asquith, was told that she was “arrogant” and had “contempt for democracy” for wanting a second referendum. Although quite vehement to speak to a constituent in this way, the Parliamentary Code of Conduct does not actually forbid abusing your constituents. It would be hoped, and dare we say expected, however, to not do so.

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Davies is renowned for filibstering – talking excessively about a piece of legislation so there is not enough time for a vote. He has stated that he uses the mechanism to kill bills he “doesn’t like”, which begs the question, is he really a friend of democracy?



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