Tuition fees face potential lowering to £7,500

Laura Creighton - Deputy Editor

Tuition fees could be lowered following a vote in Parliament against the proposed rise to £9,250, in a widely celebrated announcement.
The Sunday Times has reported that the Treasury is considering a decrease to £7,500 as early as next September.
It has been suggested that the development makes it unlikely that fees will ever rise above the £9,500 cap that has been widely expected.
The policy, if enacted could also see STEM subjects receiving top up payments of £1,500 from the Office for Students, while certain subjects may not be require to pay the full £7,500, and the repayment scheme could start at a higher percentage, and a higher minimum earning.
The discussions are in early stages however, and sector sources have keenly denied their accuracy. The November budget is expected to provide a more certain estimation of fees.
NUS President, Shakira Martin, has been vocally supportive of the news, saying: “We welcome commitments from any political party – not least the government – to rethink the failed experience that is the current £9,000 tuition fee system.”
In other Higher Education news, last Friday saw a launch into the House of Commons inquiry into Value for Money in HE, covering vice chancellor pay, the use of graduate data in teaching quality, and also looking into the Teaching Excellence Framework, amongst other things.
You can submit written views, regarding any of those issues, to the committee until October 23, here.

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