Twitch and YouTube are taking a stand against misogynistic abuse in gaming

Ashleigh Clarke

Online bullying and harassment are two things that definitely don’t go unnoticed now that we’ve hit the digital age, and it’s so easy for people to sit behind their computer or phone screens, write a nasty message, click anonymous and hit send.

Nowadays, because more and more people are becoming victims to different types of online abuse, two of the biggest online platforms are taking a stand against misogynistic and sexist behaviour; specifically aimed at female gamers.

Twitch and YouTube are probably two of the most prolific sites for gaming these days and many of these female gamers are receiving regular abuse, some comments are even going as far as to rape and kill them.

Candy, who plays various games online as a career states that the people messaging her tell her that they are going to find her, rape her and kill her – and this is due to what she does for a living. More and more girls are feeling terrified because they don’t know what to do and there is no stopping the abuse, until now.

One of the programme managers at Twitch and a former victim of misogynistic abuse – Anna Prosser Robinson says she is working hard on ways to eradicate this type of abuse and remove it from their site. She states that the “Improvements are happening as fast as we can make them”, but she hopes it will gain speed.

She also says that the company is testing out a new technology that can identify messages that won’t automatically be banned, but might have ‘malicious intent’ or words that make people feel unsafe.

The same goes for YouTube as a spokesperson for the site said, “Bullying and harassment have no place on the platform and we have clear community guidelines against it”.

Both platforms want to make sure that they continue to be a place where users feel safe and happy and they can only do this if they work as a team to end the abuse.

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