UCLan Library Evacuated in Peak Exam Season

By Joe Young – Deputy Culture Editor

The UCLan Library was evacuated at around 4:20PM this afternoon. Students were torn away from their revision, at the peak of exam season, because the emergency alarms within the library started sounding. Noises from the confused crowd outside could be heard from the Students’ Union, where many went to take refuge from the cold.

Fire wardens told students that they had to be a certain distance from the building, leading many to assume that it was an explosive device such as a bomb.

A fire warden later said that the fire alarm went off due to a student smoking on premises.

A senior member of University staff approached Pluto to comment on the event.

“Staff in UCLan’s Library would like to thank students for their understanding when they were evacuated this afternoon. The library had to be evacuated when the smoke alarm in one of the study rooms was triggered. An investigation has identified that this was the result of a student smoking in the room.  The Library was evacuated within 9 minutes and students were guided to the usual fire assembly points outside the SU and to the side of Adelphi Street. Students are always evacuated to a safe distance in case smoke or heat from a fire causes injury to those close by.

The staff would like to thank the students for their understanding and assure them that the students concerned will be dealt with appropriately. If students do see others smoking in the library (including e-cigarettes) please report this to Reception on the ground floor.”

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