UCLan Rams Ease past Leeds Beckett

Tom Whitehead's match report - UCLan Rams v Leeds Beckett - 31-10-15 (picture)

By Tom Whitehead – reporter

The UCLan Rams made a winning start to their campaign, with a comfortable victory over Leeds Beckett that signals a statement of intent to the rest of the division.

The match began with the Rams putting Leeds straight on the back foot, with the visitors’ offence breaking down and the tackle being made in their own end zone.

This put the Rams 2-0 up inside the first five minutes.

There was also plenty of aggression being exchanged by both sides, with a 15 yard penalty given against the Rams for a verbal taunt by one of their players.

Leeds showed plenty of resilience after conceding the early points, however this was soon ended by the first touchdown of the game.

Scored by the Rams number 28 Joe Nicholson, the touchdown was converted and this put the Rams nine points up at the end of the first quarter.

The Rams quickly built on their lead in the second quarter, with a brilliant piece of skill putting number 83 Luc Kinder through to score the Rams second touchdown.

The subsequent conversion saw the Rams push further in front with the score now 16-0.

The home side’s defence was put under severe pressure at the end of the second quarter with Leeds threatening on the edge of the Rams end zone, however the Rams saw out the game to half time.

In the third quarter the hosts continued their fine scoring form, with number 7 Eden running through to score another touchdown which was converted to make the score 23-0.

However, a defensive lapse by the Rams allowed Leeds back into the game, with their number 23 making a great run down the wing to score Leeds’ first points of the match.

The missed conversion made the score 23-6.

This gave Leeds some hope going into the final quarter, with their offence looking to try and reduce the deficit further.

Any hopes of a comeback were quickly extinguished though, when Kinder was picked out with a great throw to score his second touchdown.

This made the score 30-6 after the conversion which turned out to be the final score as UCLan saw out the last remaining minutes.


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