UCLan student snapped up by Apple

Felix Krause7By Emmi Bowles- Editor-in-Chief

A UCLan student’s final year  project has caught the eye of technology company Apple.

Felix Krause created a programme called fastlane for his final year software engineering project.  It speeds up the submission procedure that developers need to go through to submit an app to the App Store by combining them together in an automated process.

Once fastlane was released over 5,000 developers had used the programme.

The popularity of the software was spotted by Apple who emailed Felix to say they were interested in his work. They then invited him to take up a three month internship at its headquarters in Silicon Valley near San Francisco.

Felix said: “It was a massive surprise to find that Apple had contacted me directly to say the company is interested in exploring my work further.

“I have always wanted to work for Apple but never thought I would be good enough so for its developers to approach me is amazing.”

Chris Casey, Felix’s tutor said: “To land an internship with one of the world’s top companies straight out of university is a massive achievement and something that Felix should be very proud of.

“Felix came up with an original idea for a project and implemented it very professionally. It’s an outstanding software engineering project; a creative and beautifully designed solution to a significant problem. The interest from external software developers has been unique and I hope he has the opportunity to develop the software further.”

 Felix has graduated from UCLan with a first class degree in software engineering after coming to the University for his final year.

Next month Felix will be moving to the United States to begin his internship.

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