UCLan Student’s Degree Work Sold to American Rap Star

Dean Fraser with a photo of his recycled burr oak guitar.
Dean Fraser with a photo of his recycled burr oak guitar.

UCLan promises its students a bright future, but some people just exceed all expectations.

Dean Fraser is one of those people. What started off as a project for his UCLan foundation course ultimately led to a deal of big proportions: Dean Fraser sold his ‘luminescent guitar’ to international hip hop star B.o.B/ Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr.

Dean started building guitars at the age of 13. Making his first ever self-built guitar for his wood work class in High School.

After posting his guitars on his Facebook page Fraser Guitars, it caught the attention of six time Grammy nominee B.o.B. After his label contacted Dean a phone conference with B.o.B. himself was quickly set up.

Dean said, this conference went very well: “He loved my work and saw the guitar for exactly what it was: a playable, one of a kind, beautiful piece of art.”

B.o.B. actually asked Dean to make a luminescent bass guitar in the same style and bought both instruments.

B.o.B/Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr playing Dean's custom guitar
B.o.B/Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr playing Dean’s custom guitar

When asked what motivates and inspires him to build guitars he said “Guitars are a beautiful piece of engineering, a piece of design that oozes beauty.”

Dean Fraser said since his medical discharge from the army Dean used his talent as a means of reintegrating into society.

Although Dean has no formal qualifications in wood work, he is serious about building guitars and he’s intent on using his talent to produce many more instruments saying “Creativeness is a gift and if you have been blessed with that gift, use it.”

He now aims to master computerised design after starting a three year full time degree at UCLan.

He added: “I’m looking forward to seeing B.o.B playing my guitar and bass, they both sound as stunning as they look. The pieces were made to be seen and I’ve no doubt the audience B.o.B will attract will be a platform to draw further positive attention to my work, both guitars and otherwise. It’s really such an exciting time.”

By Nathan Daniels


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