UCLan student’s short film features Justin Lee Collins

UntitledBy Emmi Bowles – Editor-in-Chief

UCLan students have created a short film featuring comedian Justin Lee Collins.

Scriptwriting MA student Liam Swann helped film ‘Time Slips’ which was written by UCLan graduate Stephen Hyams.

The film wasn’t part of their degree but it was the first project they have collaborated on since leaving university.

The short features comedian Justin Lee Collins who agreed to take part in the film after Liam contacted him on Twitter.

“The film is actually a remake of a film we made during the first year of university but with our craft more finely tuned, we thought it would be interesting to re-shoot an old film, essentially to see how much we have improved as film makers.” Liam said.

The film itself is based around the idea of time travel.

“So far the reception has been fantastic! We’ve had a couple of intimate screenings – which saw Alice Barry (Shameless, Phoenix Nights) and John Henshaw (Royal Family) in attendance.

“It’s a light-hearted comedy and people don’t have to think too much to ‘get it’ – which is nice, because a lot of short films deal with the depressing and dark (which is great too) but at festivals we can give people a breather.” Liam added.

The film was made by production company Arcadia Film which was formed by six UCLan students who teamed up with a film maker based in Barnsley.

The team was made up of 14 people which included UCLan students; Liam Swann, Stephen Hyams, Owen Ward, Michael Murray, Darren William Haley, Joe Woodhead, Joe McDonald, David Bradford, Michael Lewis, Josh Buckley and Amy Dean.

The group have not entered any competitions yet as they wanted the public to see it first in order to gain feedback.


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