UCLan SU Statement for Planned NHS Walkout

By Emili Peake - News Editor

UCLan Students’ Union has released the following statement in relation to the planned NHS walkout:


“On Wednesday 10th February there is a national walkout amongst student nurses in opposition to the NHS bursary cuts being taken by the government, this will take place between 10am-11am.

University of Central Lancashire Students’ Union recognises your right to participate in this National walk out but does not condone any action that adversely affects your learning experience or service user/patient care. If you do choose to walk out of placement/lectures there is an expectation that the time taken to participate will be owed back similar to if you are absent due to illness. If you a wish to take part we urge you to please notify the relevant lecturer or placement area and the placement records department prior to the event so they are aware of your participation in the walk out. This will allow them to manage any disruption to any students who choose not to take part.

Reece Donnan, School President &

Josie Linsel UCLan SU President”



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