UCLan to introduce ‘anti-rain’ fees policy

c16993332e45f3527f50e9715f2ff35d-d585yliUCLan have today announced they will incorporate a brand new policy where their students will get reduced fees for every time it rains in Preston.

The strategy is due to come into place as soon as it stops raining, which may take some time.

A spokesperson said: “We felt that students pay a lot for their tuition fees at the moment, and what better way to give them a free education than discount the cost of their course every time it rains – meaning by the end of that year they won’t have to pay a penny”

“Of course the policy will never really have a chance to be implemented as it needs to stop raining first.”

Preston as a city currently receives 150,000mm of rain every year, and no sunlight whatsoever, making it the wettest and darkest city in the world.

Some students after hearing this news are said to have started partying in the streets. They’ve had to keep their wellies on of course though.

None of the contents of this article are factual, apart from Preston being a very rainy city.

Happy April Fools day, From Pluto.



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