UCLan’s Annual Careers Fair

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On Thursday 20th November UCLan held its annual Careers Fair which provided undergraduates the chance to ask questions to possible future employers and gain valuable information in a wide area of options for the dreaded/ fast approaching life after university. 4

The careers fair was held in 53 degrees with a total of 80 exhibitions ranging from sporting programmes such as Camp America to InternChina, an international graduate scheme. There was also a postgraduate section in the Student Union Atrium that provided information for students who are interested in furthering their education to a postgraduate degree or PHD.

The event was put together by the Student Union and a postgraduate team. I spoke to the head of Careers, Carol Sanderson, who stated what exactly the event has to offer, “We hope this event will increase the UCLan graduates’ future employment by giving them a variation of employment routes that they probably didn’t know they could be interested in. For example, the HM Revenue & Customs exhibit (stand 41 at the event) wouldn’t seem too popular to most students, but within a few years an individual could be earning up £40,000 and be part of a very valuable commodity in the UK service sector”.

Although a CV was not necessary, students that attended the event were expected to have some structure of interest and preparation for the exhibits. UCLan provided a Prepare for the Fair lecture in Harris Building that offered guidance for students for not just the fair, but for future employment in general. The information given recommended that an individual should do research on a company of interest before applying as well as providing a unique selling point for possibly employers to ‘take a shine’ to particular candidates. It also provided things to do and not to do during an interview process. A ‘do’ is to seem interested by asking questions such as what skill, experience and qualifications that company are looking for. A ‘do not’ is asking how much the salary is, which can come across to the employer as off-putting.

6Pro Chancellor of the University of Central Lancashire Lynne Livesey spoke of the up and coming Estates Master Plan that sets out to increase employability and make university life for students of UCLan more comfortable.

She said,  “Employability of UCLan students after graduation for the academic year of 2013-14 has risen by 5% compared to 2012-13. Our main aim is to build upon that and increase that percentage. We also plan to provide more resources and university buildings to increase productivity around the UCLan campus and to help students prepare for what the world of work is like”.

The UCLan careers fair was designed to provide students the chance to create contacts with a future employment that they can see themselves thriving in. The fair also helped students realise that there are a variety of opportunities of not just future employment, but prospects for work and life experience too. What students can take away from the careers fair is useful tips of what employers are looking for and a foundation to build on to gain specific experience if they want to take their future seriously.

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