By Joe Young - Politics Editor

UK Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage has claimed that the party’s only MP – Douglas Carswell, MP for Clacton – could be expelled from UKIP at the next UKIP National Executive Committee (NEC) Meeting.

Speaking to the radio station LBC, Farage shot out at Carswell:

“What [does] he know?

“We find somebody inside our party who doesn’t agree with anything the party stands for, it’s a very odd state of affairs.”

Farage’s comments came in response to Carswell expressing his distaste for UKIP’s ‘Breaking Point’ billboard, which was widely compared to a Nazi propaganda video:

Farage BP Nazis

Carswell said that Farage’s billboard was a “fundamentally wrong thing to do”, adding that “angry nativism does not win elections in this country.”

“Angry nativism does not win elections in this country”

Farage and Carswell have often come to blows, with Farage and his Deputy, North West England MEP Paul Nuttall, accusing Douglas Carswell and Suzanne Evans of plotting to oust them to institute Evans as UKIP Leader and Carswell as Deputy.

Farage added to LBC, on the subject of a potentially-expelled Carswell rejoining the Conservative Party:

“I do the politics, I don’t do the man-management, but it is a very odd state of affairs,

“Why would you join a party like Ukip, with me as the leader, with our policies and manifesto, and then from almost day one of joining, disagree with everything we say or do? I find it really, really odd.”

He added, on the prospect of Carswell’s expulsion from UKIP:

“That will be up to the NEC to decide”

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