UK’s First KFC to Close

Source: Flickr
Source: Flickr

The UK’s first ever KFC is now set to close its doors forever. 

Fishergate in Preston has been home to the KFC restaurant since it first opened in 1965. It was the first to open in the country and has been there ever since.

The company has now chosen not to renew their lease on the building.

Preston has three other KFC premises in the city to offer, but locals have reacted to the news with sadness, stating that the closing of the restaurant will be the end of a part of Preston’s history.

Original reports of the closure came with claims that this KFC was due to close in early 2015, when the lease on the building will expire.

EARLY DOORS: Restaurant decides close ahead of the original date.

However it now looks that it is possible that management have decided to shut early.

The image above shows a sign currently occupying the window of this KFC branch, stating that it will not be open until further notice, found on December 3rd by one of our reporters.

2 Comments on UK’s First KFC to Close

  1. It may be the first ever KFC in UK but have you ever tried to get a table in there? It’s too small so I’m not suprised they won’t be renewing their lease! Hopefully they’ll reopen in a larger premises

  2. Maybe the first definitely the worst I have ever visited in the world . My front room is bigger , staff incompetent, the last time I entered the premises queued for ten minutes in that time realised they had run out of around half of the menu and nearly sparked a riot when a group of lads had queued for ages to be told there was no GRAVY ! Arguably a selling point when it comes to many peoples choice of fast food chicken purchase good riddance .

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