‘Unii’ – The App Strictly for Students Only


From the company that brought you Fling, comes a brand new social media app, commonly referred to as “Twitter for students.”

Unii is a social platform just for students. Sign up requires an active university email address, meaning that only current university students can gain access to the app. No lecturers, no nosy parents, no future employers and most importantly; no annoying family members that inexplicably take pleasure in commenting on everything you post.

Unii allows for status updates, photos, videos and commenting and favouriting features.

After downloading the app and signing up for an account, your news feed will be filled with updates from students studying at UCLan, accompanied by occasional posts that are trending at other universities across the UK and US.

Unlike other social media platforms, there is no following or friending on the app, so you’re free to see all posts from other students from your university. However there’s an option to mute or block users so they stop appearing on your newsfeed.

Over 2,300 students at UCLan have joined Unii and are already sharing their thoughts, opinions, photos and videos directly to other students on campus.

Marco Nardone, CEO of Unii commented exclusively for Pluto:

“When I was studying at university I could see a clear need for a social network just for students. I really wanted to know what others were up to in my university, the hot gossip of the campus and be able to interact with more like-minded students in an easy and convenient way.

As Unii is a private app, students can finally have the freedom to post what they want without future employers digging up old social trails ahead of an interview or even those nosy parents getting a glimpse of those embarrassing fresher antics. It’s great to see the University of Central Lancashire is so active on the app, with almost 2,300 students sharing their thoughts, pictures and videos of university life with the UK student community.”

The Unii app is free and available to download from the App store or can be accessed and used from the mobile website.

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