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It’s getting towards the end of the calendar year, which can only mean one thing! No, not Christmas, an influx of fantastic and must have video games! November features a cracking line up including Call of Duty building upon past glories, Star Wars fans getting to live out their wildest (and weirdest) dreams and Bethesda releasing Skyrim, again (was there ever any doubt?)

Call of Duty: WWII (PS4, XB ONE, PC) | 3rd

Call of Duty is returning to its roots with the latest instalment in the mega franchise, Call of Duty: WWII. Set during World War II, the game does away with the futuristic setting meaning that double jumps and wall runs have been traded in favour of a much more “boots to the ground” approach style of gameplay. With a story that aims to let players relieve iconic moments from the War to new multiplayer modes and that allow players to feel like they are right there in the thick of the action, Call of Duty is going back to what made it great in the first place.

Need for Speed: Payback (PS4, XB ONE, PC) | 10th

Now it’s twenty-third instalment, EA’s take on the racing game genre, Need for Speed, is making a comeback. EA’s last instalment of once beloved franchise didn’t go down as well as hoped with its ‘always online’ drawing the most criticism as well as the limited day/night cycle and poor AI. Attempting to right the wrongs, EA have seemed to address the criticism that was aimed at its predecessor and has included an offline single-player mode as well and 24-hour day-night cycle and various improved multiplayer modes.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (PS4, XB ONE, PC) | 13th

Marvel’s universe returns to the Lego scene with Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 with players taking on the roles of a new roster from Marvel’s fine collection including Guardians of the Galaxy (yes that includes Baby Groot. Eeeek!) Black Panther & Doctor Strange to name but a few of the new characters joining the game. Featuring a new ‘time-bending’ mechanic that allows players to play as alternate versions of the characters and the traditional Lego gameplay we’ve all come to know and love this looks set to be another Lego game worth adding to the collection.

The Elder Scrolls V: Switch (Switch) | 17th

Bethesda are realising their critically acclaimed RPG hit on the Nintendo Switch and although everyone and their Grandmother will have surely played Skyrim by now, we’ve never played it quite like this. Whether it by plane, train or automobile, there is no excuses anymore as to why you can’t slay dragons or climb the highest mountain by mashing the x button as much as possible to reach that unreachable ledge. Imagine the sheer joy of defeating your first dragon as a lowly level Battlemage only to have some old person shush you from the opposite chair on the train. That is surely the vision Nintendo had for the Switch,

 Star Wars: Battlefront II (PS4, XB ONE, PC) | 7th  

Star Wars: Battlefront was an underwhelming an experience to say the least. Though incredibly fun to play, the game just felt unfinished. Without a proper story mode and multiplayer that could have been so much more, Star Wars: Battlefront just felt like a missed opportunity. EA seemed to have learned their lesson and are not holding back with the sequel, from a full campaign that sees you as a leader of the Imperial Special Forces group known as Inferno Squad whilst playing through events in the lead up to The Force Awakens to the improved multiplayer that allows you to play as many ‘Heros’ from the beloved franchise as well as engaging in space battles, armed combat and much more.

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