Viola Beach top the UK Charts

By Leah Bradford-Thom - Reporter

Friends, family and fans of Viola Beach are celebrating the success of their posthumous debut album, which went straight to number one in the UK charts on Friday.

Viola Beach were an indie pop band hailing from Warrington, whose career was starting to flourish in 2015. They had been touring constantly across the UK, landing slots on the BBC Introducing Stage for Reading and Leeds Festival, as well as a support slot for with another up-and-coming group, Blossoms. Sadly, an unfortunate turn of events led to the loss of the band and their manager, Craig Tarry, on 13th February this year, whilst away in Sweden to play the Where’s The Music? Festival. However, the band has been met with a range of posthumous attention in the past six months. This has included a celebratory concert featuring artists such as The Kooks and The Coral, alongside a Pyramid Stage tribute by Coldplay at Glastonbury. This praise and support has led to the profile of the band continuing to grow since February, culminating in mainstream chart success this weekend.

The album itself offers a promising set of dynamic indie pop tunes. Swings and Waterslides is the summer anthem of the record, offering bright guitar riffs alongside lyrics which are delivered in a way which only a band hailing from north-west England could manage. Call You Up sees the band slow and strip back their sounds, offering a much sweeter romantic track. It is on the BBC Session recording of Get to Dancing that the flair in Kris’ vocals are revealed, leaving listeners with a curious urge to hear more of the rougher tones to his voice. Lastly, it is clear to see why Boys That Sing is the standout single of the album, playing on a long set of rhyming lines that are almost annoyingly memorable.

Whilst it may be difficult for many friends and fans of the band to celebrate the success of the record, the responses it has received so far make the musical abilities of the four Warrington lads clear. The debut album gives an insight into their emerging talent as a group, solidifying their place in the current indie music scene, which is hopefully how they will be remembered.

Viola Beach was released on Friday 29th July and it can be bought or downloaded from all major retailers.

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