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Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron has launched a daring raid on the Labour benches, within recent days, aiming to attract some defectors from the Shadow Cabinet to join the Lib Dems in light of potential de-selections over the Boundary Review. Speaking to the Evening Standard, Farron said:

“It’s not for me to go out and be a home-wrecker but perhaps to create a home for people who are liberals, progressives, who think winning elections is not a dirty business but is about making sure the Tories do not have a majority for, potentially, the next quarter of a century,

“I don’t want to park my tanks on Labour’s lawn, I want to park my tanks on the Tory lawn, which is where Labour’s tanks ought to be.”

Farron also ruled out a coalition with Corbyn’s Labour, saying “Could I see myself doing it? I can’t.”

He struck out at Corbyn for his “fence-sitting” during the EU Referendum, saying “If you are a leader, you stake out a position and you fight for it. You don’t just see which way the wind is going.”

He also announced a key policy ahead of the Liberal Democrat Conference – a £60 million pot from which local governments can bid to fight the “outrage” of homelessness.

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