What I learnt from Mary Poppins


By Abi Donoghue- Culture Editor

Disney favourite Mary Poppins is 51 and it seems only fitting to honour the magical woman by sharing all that I learned from her.

 1.Use your words

Words are important, as is making a good impression! ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ talks of how this word makes dukes ask you out to tea and make your girl your wife. And that’s very true in some sense. Words are an important way of conveying how you feel, even if you do come out with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, it is better than saying nothing at all. At least there is a 50% they will join in with the rest of the song.

 2.A spoon full of sugar does in fact help the medicine go down

Especially if the medicine is alcohol and the sugar is round the rim of a glass. Trust me. Works a treat.

3.Work can be fun!

Mary Poppins showed the Banks children that work can be fun, despite the initial negative feelings. You just need a positive attitude! So whether you need to clean the kitchen after a few weeks of neglect or have an essay due in, just think of it as a time to learn and better yourself.

4.Be prepared

The infamous Mary Poppins bag is full of everything you could ever need! She is certainly prepared for any and every situation.

 5. Laughter is the best medicine

Who can forget the scene when Burt, Mary, the Children and Uncle Albert laugh so much they float to the ceiling? Laughter certainly lifted their spirits- and it can lift yours too! Always find time to laugh, even in the hard moments. A good laugh can always make you feel better!

 6. You are practically perfect in every way

It’s not just Mary Poppins who can hold this title! The pressures of modern day society often mean that people forget the most important thing- that you are practically perfect.

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