What is Open Britain?

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Image: Pulse Media

First in our ‘What is?’ series, is Open Britain. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have heard of Open Britain before, which is why it’s our kick-off piece!

After the EU Referendum, the Remain campaign Britain Stronger In Europe came out as the losers. But as it was close, instead of throwing in the towel, they stepped back and re-evaluated.

Image: Open Britain
Image: Open Britain

And thus, Open Britain was born. It’s not formally launched yet, but the three founders (Tory Anna Soubry, Labour’s Pat McFadden, and Lib Dem Norman Lamb) published in the Sunday Times their plans.

So what’s different? The first, and most key difference, is that Open Britain believes freedom of movement (the right of European citizens to live and work in any other with no visa) has to stop:

“Free movement of people cannot continue as it has done. It has to be reformed.”

At this point, the campaigning priorities of Open Britain are vague, but they’ve released the following points:

  • Open and inclusive
  • Open for business
  • Open to trade & investment
  • Open to talent & hard work
  • Open to Europe & the world

Some people have highlighted that these campaigning priorities make the Remain side sound a lot like the Leave campaign did. Others, however, believe that it’s the losing side adapting to the reality of the situation.

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