What is the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament?

By Joe Young - Politics Editor

Image: Pulse Media

Founded in 1957, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament claims to be the largest peace movement in Europe. Aimed at its foundation to getting rid of the Polaris nuclear missile system, and upon its upgrade, to getting rid of the Trident nuclear missile system, the CND is a unilateralist movement – they believe the UK should get rid of its nuclear weapons regardless of what other countries are doing in a nuclear-capacity.

The key aims of the CND are:

  • Abolishment of nuclear weapons in the UK
  • International pressure to abolish nuclear weapons globally
  • Abolishment of biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction
  • A nuclear-free Europe
  • British withdrawal from NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation)
  • Closure of the nuclear power industry

Prominent supporters of the CND include Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn, Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, Shadow Health Secretary Diane Abbott, and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell.

To read more about the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, click here

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