What We Need From Game of Thrones Season 7!

Ellie Sutcliffe

Winter is coming in Preston and as we gear up for snow HBO has just dropped its first three images from Season 7 of the show. After the amazing finale earlier this year, you can bet that we have tons of amazing story coming. So, here are five things I’m looking forward to (possibly) happening when the show returns in 2017.


  • Stark Reunion – We’ve already seen Sansa and Jon reunite in what was one of the most touching scenes last season, but we also know that a certain trained assassin is now back in Westeros. Arya returned in the finale to take the Freys off her kill list and she still has some to go. The very brief glimpse of Arya in those new shots show her on horseback and wearing Winterfell garb. I’m looking forward to a touching and explosive reunion between those two.
  • The King of the North and the Mother of Dragons – With Ramsay Bolton defeated and Winterfell retaken, the Northern families declared Jon Snow ‘The King in the North’. We also finally got to see Dany set sail for Westeros. Hopefully this means that Jon and Dany will meet and he’ll be able to warn her about the enormous white-walker army beyond the wall.
  • Epic Battles with Dragons! – The Mother of Dragons is bringing her massive army of Dothraki, Unsullied and Ironborn across the sea to finally meet Queen Cersei and battle it out for the Iron Throne. This means one thing; we’re going to see Dany’s beautiful dragons on the battlefield!
  • Cersei’s Rule – Although ruthless and unlikable, Cersei’s use of the Mad King’s wildfire to blow up the Septum of Balar (and a good chunk of her enemies and rivals along with it) made me cheer a little. Now childless, and with only Jamie to hold her back we can be sure that Queen Cersei will be a hard and calculating ruler. It gives her the chance to show just how wrong her father was and there is small sense of justice seeing someone who was reduced to the role of brood-mare and marriage fodder in a seat of power at last. That said, she’s not going to last long.
  • Winter is Here and the White-walkers are Coming – With last year’s harrowing episode ‘Hold the Door’ heralding Bran’s movement from the tree and the three-eyed raven, there’s only one way he can go – back to Westeros to reunite with his family and to tell them what he saw. However, there’s one problem. The Night’s King has marked him and as we saw in that episode, that kind of mark breaks protection against the white-walkers. Is it strong enough to break the protection on the wall?


So, my predictions for major events of Season 7 – Dany will win the Iron Throne but Bran’s return will break the wall and the army of white-walkers will start their descent.

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