What We Need From Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2

Janeth Mwasa

When the first Guardian of the Galaxy came out back in July 2014, I was thinking oh boy this is going to be awesome!

I remember being really excited about the film until I finally got to watch it in cinemas. In my opinion, the film was an average great, but not amazing. And this was a really weird feeling for me because I’m a Marvel film lover. It sounds sad, but that’s the truth. Another reason is that I really enjoy sci-fi, adventurous and action films so obviously I had to go watch this film and I had my expectations. At the end of that film I was a bit disappointed with Marvel and the director himself (James Gunn).

But let’s start with the positives: the film’s witty comedy really works, it’s funny and not too dramatized.  I love how you can easily understand the film’s concept and the type of language characters use to communicate. The characters have been perfectly selected and they really do go well together. They portray great connection and chemistry. The film is wonderfully off-beat which is really good.

The negatives: It is very clear that the film draws Star War comparisons in terms of lack of element to the alien environments we are introduced to. For example, the prison set and inside Ronan’s warship, looks more convincing. And so do the fully CGI shots of spaceship battles and chase by the way. The problem comes when mixing live actors and CGI environments. It becomes less convincing and it’s like they are really hard on budget. So the whole film begins to look like concept artwork rather than believable landscapes.

Director James Gunn and Marvel universe still has some better space world-building to do for the upcoming sequel. And these are the three things WE as Marvel universe film lovers, would like to see:


If they are going to use CGI then at least make it believable! It has been said Marvel is worth at least $9 billion, so getting the right equipment’s and making Guardians of the Galaxy 2 spectacular it surely cannot be that hard.

Getting to know the existing characters 

Let’s begin with Groot (treelike-humanoid character), is he going to say more than “I’m Groot”? how about make him say a one time off joke? That would be hilarious. Just imagine a CGI tree having banter with one of the live characters. We also want to see more of Groot’s and Rocket raccoon friendship. Also, can Peter Quill find his father and give us the back story of how he met Quill’s mother.

Thanos and the infinity stones

Can we see this super-villain in action already? Marvel really needs to stop dragging out this storyline and we are tired of seeing Thanos at the end of a Marvel film with his evil grinning and his obsession with infinity stones. Can he do at least one evil thing in the second film so the Guardians have more of a challenge. In the first film we saw Ronan acting as the bad guy, but to be honest he never really lived up to his potential.


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