Which Side Are You On? Team Cap or Team Stark?

Ashleigh Clarke

With only one week to go until the premiere Captain America: Civil War and you’re still sat there asking yourself the same question, am I Team Cap or Team Stark? Here are some reasons below to help you decide.



  1. He is all for the freedom of the public and superheroes, what did you expect? He’s Captain America, an emblem for patriotism.
  2. He’ll never back down from a fight, this could also go for Stark but if Cap believes he’s in the right, he’ll never let it go.
  3. He’s a soldier, full of strategy and leadership which he’s proven time and time again in every film.
  4. He has a powerful team behind him: his best friend from 70 years ago, Falcon! Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch, I mean…c’mon! And not to mention that his tech has been upgraded, not that much of a grandpa anymore eh?
  5. When has he actually let us down? The answer is never.



  1. So he has one thing that Cap doesn’t, and that’s Government support. That’s a pretty huge one up.
  2. He’s not a bad guy, despite what people may think of him. He may be a bit quick to jump to decisions, but he’s not a villain.
  3. His team is finally introducing a new character and that’s Black Panther. If that’s not cool then I don’t know what is.
  4. He has money, and this helps with new technology, so even if Cap has upgraded; Stark will always be one step ahead in this sense.
  5. He wants the safety and freedom of people just as much as Cap does.

If you’re like me and want to walk into the cinema on neutral grounds then by all means do it, I am, because I can’t decide. And really, making this list should’ve helped me personally but I’m stubborn.

What we do know already, is that they both have their reasons for doing this, and they’re not bad reasons either, they’re good; because they’re putting the country and its people ahead of them once again.

I am fizzy with excitement and I can’t wait to watch another Marvel movie that going to change the course of the universe forever…and also manage to ruin my life at the same time.

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