Whitendale allows students to grow their own



Students have been given spaces outside Whitendale halls to start their own allotment as part of a new initiative from the Students’ Union. 

There are 32 micro allotments being constructed inside the central courtyard, provided by the Green Ladder Project.

Fourteen students have already secured an allotment, but many places are still available. Students can choose to have their own allotment or share, but must apply by contacting Green Ladder.

“The best way to learn is to get spade and just start digging,” said Emma Bartlett, Green Ladder Project Manager.

She added, “That’s the way I learnt and I’ve been growing food for about ten years now”.

Applicants do not need experience in growing food, just motivation, as Myerscough College will be offering training, details of which will be announced soon.

The allotment scheme is the second part of the ‘Green Transformation Project’, which enables students to get involved with environmental issues.

Green Ladder originally asked students what they would like to see being done on campus.

Various initiatives were suggested including more renewable energy sources and bee keeping. However, winning by popular demand was having a place for students to grow their own food.
Green Ladder Volunteers

Emma added: “Students were really keen to grow their own food, reduce food miles, and reduce the carbon we’re throwing into atmosphere by driving loads of food around.”

“The initiative isn’t just about encouraging sustainability on campus though. Emma says students will “gain new skills, so they can go on their lives growing food themselves”.

The project’s unveiling will be on the 9th of December at 2pm. Students are invited to go along to see the finished allotments and get involved.

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