Why are YouTubers bringing out books?


By Emmi Bowles- Deputy Features Editor & Online Editor


zoellaNow we all know about Zoella (right) and her “amazing” book which wasn’t even written by her. But she is only one in a long list of YouTubers who are bringing out books or who have been offered book deals.

Emma Blackery, a new comedy and lifestyle YouTube admitted in a recent video that she has had numerous book deals given to her, but she refuses to take them up on their offer.

The reason behind this is because she believed that she had nothing new to bring to the market and she wasn’t going to waste her fans money by giving them a pointless book. She doesn’t see herself as a celebrity. Emma said that she just wants to make high quality videos instead of creating all of this merchandise just to make money.

The most famous YouTuber turned Author is probably Zoey Sugg aka Zoella. Despite the controversy of her book being ghost written I decided to give it a go and I can honestly say it is the worst young adult romance book I have ever read and I read a lot. But even though she got bad press about this book she has still been offered a second book deal. Why?

With the amount of fans and followers she has Zoella could bring out a bar of soap and it would sell. Oh wait, she already did. With a book and a beauty gifts range it won’t be long until she is bringing out her own clothing range. Zoella is a money maker to companies, it doesn’t matter what it is, if her name is behind it then the odds are it will sell.

Youtubers are being seen more and more as celebrities and role models, therefore it was only a matter of time until they started writing autobiography’s about their lives. If the cast of Geordie Shore can get book deals then so can these comedians, bloggers and beauty gurus. Although I agree that maybe if they are being seen as celebrities then they should be allowed to write about their life but how interesting can it be, especially if they sit there in front of the camera all day to make their money?

carrie fisherThe one ‘autobiography’ style book written by a YouTube that I admired and enjoyed was ‘All I Know Now’ by Carrie Hope Fletcher (left). Carrie has written a book about her life but she has structured it so it becomes like a big sitter in a book. The book is about how she got through her teenage years and touches on topics such as school, bullies and first love. Carrie said in a video that her book is a way for people to learn from her mistakes so they know how to act in a certain situation.

A book like that is useful and adds something to the market, unlike Aflie Deyes’ book ‘Pointless book’. The title says it all. This book has different tasks within it to help you destroy the book in a creative way. Now this would be a good idea if it was his. There is already a book exactly like this on the market called ‘Wreck This Journal’. It became a huge hit and the author Keri Smith has brought out extra books like it. Therefore there is no reason for Alfie’s book. It is clearly just a way to market himself and his channel whilst making money.

The book market is full of amazing and dreadful books, but adding to it just to make money because YouTube isn’t paying you enough, or you aren’t getting enough views due to the new referral sidebar is not a good idea. I understand it takes a long time to sit down and write a book, or for someone else to write it for you, but they should be ashamed of themselves. Their fans are buying content from them, just because it has their name on it.

The majority of these fans are under 18 and prone to influence and they shouldn’t feel the need to buy something just because of the name on it. They should be buying the book because it sounds interesting not because Zoella is on the front cover. It is like a magazine, you see your favourite celebrity on the cover, spend £3.50 and then realise that there is a four page spread on them with only a 400 word interview. Then you a left with adverts upon adverts.

I agree there may be a demand for certain autobiographies but we watch you on our screens every day, if you haven’t shared it with us already then why would you want to share that part of your life at all? Surely we know everything about you already, or at least what you want us to know.

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