Will Oasis Ever Return?

Caitlin Mclaren

This is a question on near enough everyone’s lips.

And my simple answer is, no. Definitely not anytime soon.

As much as this upsets me to admit, it’s the truth and I have three main points as to why I think that this is the truth.

Noel’s making too much money for one. I know everything isn’t about money and that the music that he is making on his own is nowhere near the level of Oasis. But sometimes figures do talk and it seems that no record label is offering near the sum of money that Noel wants for working alongside his brother again. If Oasis did reform, and it was without Noel, the impact wouldn’t be there. So everyone is praying that Noel just pulls it out the bag. But why would he? The guy can still sell out big arenas at the drop of the hat, without aggro.

My second reason, is that Liam’s solo career is going full speed ahead in 2017. Now, he’s looking for solo success. Admittedly, Beady eye was a bit of a flop, even though some of their tunes were absolute class such as the roller and flick of the finger. But, Liam does have the potential. Especially with a massive team behind him. Richard Ashcroft of the Verve has already backed him, and to me, he’s God. So it could get rather interesting on the solo front.

My last reason, probably the most important…

They won’t stop f%*king fighting, they find something to argue about all the time. Why would they ever get back together when they can’t stand eachother. Both of them are polar opposites in everyway possible. In a way, I feel for their mother and the bickering of them both must do her head right in!

What do you think about Oasis? Will they ever return? Or are they just comfortable now?

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