Win for International Student Attendance

International Students will no longer have to queue weekly to confirm their attendance, following a successful campaign.

The effort, instigated by Students’ Union International Rep Utkarsh Sakhalkar, has allowed students to verify their presence through Student Attendance Monitoring (SAM) instead.

Previously, international students had to report to the <i> in the library on a weekly basis, but thanks to the campaign, which started back in May, the change has come into place.

Utkarsh expressed his satisfaction of the success, describing it as “a great win” for the international student community at UCLan.

The UCLan Library - where international students had to register each week.
The UCLan Library – where international students register each week.

“I feel brilliant,” He said, “I got support from both the SU and the univeristy, and they’ve both helped.

UK Border Agency (UKBA) regulations state that universities must keep records of international students’ attendance, however UCLan are the only university in the UK to enforce such a regular authentication process, and Utkarsh said the  process was strict at times to keep to.

“If students missed signing in more than 2 times they used to get threatening emails from the university, saying they would be reported to the UKBA.”

The new system will start in January, and Utkarsh says that this is just the start of things he has planned.

“There are still a lot of things left to improve international students experience,” He said, “But I feel, using this partnership, we can possibly set up a joint union & university committee to discuss international students experience!”

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