Worried About A Zombie Apocalypse? We’ve Got You Covered…

Ellie Sutcliffe

Halloween is upon us and with it comes monsters! The zombie is perhaps one of the most well known and used monsters amongst horror fans, and as we all await the coming apocalypse, there are lots of great books and graphic novels to help us prepare. Here’s just a few that you might like.

 The Walking Dead



 Robert Kirkman’s famous graphic novel series-turned hit TV show follows survivor Rick Grimes and his family as they fight for survival against the ‘walkers’. The series has produced memorable characters over the years including katana wielding Michonne, endlessly badass Abraham Ford and iconic villains Negan and the Governor . The world challenges our survivors to their limits and asks the question of who is the biggest threats – the monsters or the people themselves. The comics are still running and a number of editions are available on Amazon and other retailers.

The Ladybird Book of the Zombie Apocalypse


Written by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, the book is throwback to the Ladybird storybooks that we all had as children. The book is a satirical look at what the world would look like if it were overrun by zombies, and informs adults about how to cope in the familiar storybook style.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies



Seth Graham-Smith brings an undead twist to the classic Jane Austen romance. Alongside the classic love story of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy comes blood drenched apocalyptic action, ninja moves and lots of brains! This book has not only turned adaptations on their head but portrays a level of self-awareness in its silliness and basks in the blood and gore of a zombie apocalypse in the English Countryside.

World War Z


After a pandemic emerge in China, cases start to multiply uncontrollably. Humanity is faced with a future of man-eating zombies, the book manifests as a series of interviews with key players and survivors over the 10 year war against the zombie hoard. Max Brooks’ second zombie-centric book (the first being The Zombie Survival Guide) takes a familiar concept and puts a new spin on the classic concept.

 I, Zombie


Hugh Howley takes a look at the undead lives of the zombies themselves, by looking at several points of view. The characters are locked into their bodies and have awareness. They can see, hear, smell and taste but have no control over their bodies. The book is not for the faint-hearted (but what tale of the brain-eating undead is?).


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