Your guide to Sports Fair

Sports fair takes place today from 12pm to four pm outside the Student’s Union. The day can be a pretty daunting experience with various clubs attempting to recruit you, so here is a handy guide to help you pick the sports team that’s right for you.

If you’re poor: If you want to compete in a sport but don’t fancy paying upwards of £50 to join for the year, you have a few options. Squash, Karate, Tae Kwon Do are all £20 for the year, with Handball at £25. All of these clubs are open to all genders and abilities, giving you the chance to keep up, or learn a new sport without spending your whole student loan in one sitting.

If you really like Harry Potter: UCLan has it’s very own Quidditch Society, where you can chase a snitch, play on a broom and throw a quaffle around with your mates. The team compete against other universities throughout the year, and muggles are welcome to join.

If it’s just an excuse to party: Most sports teams offer Wednesday Socials, consisting of Popworld and Evoque and a variety of dress up opportunities. If this appeals to you, think about joining UCLan Cheer, UCLan Rams, Badminton or Netball who all offer social memberships which don’t involve competing.

If you’re super competitive: The more competitive sports teams take advantage of BUCS and Varsity competitions. If you wanna be on a winning team this year, consider joining the Hockey team who earned a well deserved victory at Varsity 2017, or the Equestrian team who have a total of four competitive teams, as well as an end of year competition for riders not on a team.

If you’re just trying to keep fit: There are numerous clubs to join if you aren’t looking to compete against anyone, but still want to keep fit in a group setting. Look out for Athletics, Trampolining, or Canoe and Kayak for more information.

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