Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Foundation Review

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Fusion Ink Foundation. (£30.50 RRP)

After endless searching for a perfect foundation I have finally found the one. This foundation does everything a girl could ever wish for. It’s easy to apply, blends really well, gives full coverage, and it lasts all day.

YSL fusion is great for all skin types. I have really greasy skin so I have been on the hunt for a foundation that doesn’t make my face look shiny as well as controlling my natural shine. I’ve tried all sorts, Estee Lauder double wear, Clinique, Dior star. None of them have worked, or at least as well as I had hoped for, by mid-day they’re beginning to rub off. YSL I have found stays on from the second you apply it, right up until the minute you take it off in the evening, with no shine emerging throughout the day. It has proven to stay on and not go blotchy even in the most humid of conditions, it’s like a miracle.

It’s so easy to apply with it being such a light foundation it goes on like a dream. It feels like you’re wearing no make-up what so ever, which I personally love because it doesn’t feel like you’re caked in make-up. I apply it with a brush just to get that perfect finish. I have had no problems blending it which I find with other foundations as I have pale skin, YSL truly matches my skin tone.


The foundation gives a full coverage on blemishes or uneven skin tone so there is no need to apply any concealer with it. It has a matte finish so a powder over the top isn’t necessary, however if you like the powdery finish it won’t do it any harm.

Also it gave me really radiant and healthy looking skin. As I said before, I have a very pale skin tone so it’s hard for me sometimes to find a foundation that will make my skin look radiant, but this one does a great job, and stops me from looking like a ghost in pictures.

I feel like it is quite essential for a foundation to make it look like you have healthy skin, because it makes you feel good about yourself, and it can really give you a confidence boost. I heard about YSL fusion foundation off ‘This Morning’ and from the review it got on there I had to try it.

Straight away I went down to Debenhams because I knew they had an YSL range and beauty consultants to help me match my colour and with any questions I had about the product. When I went in they took the make-up off that I was wearing and put this one on, with blusher so I could see what it looked like and how it felt. My face felt so light it was like I had actually just washed my face, not put make-up on it.

I was a bit sceptical to buy it right there and then as it’s quite expensive and I didn’t know how long it would be ’til my face started to shine, but miracle has it, it was still on as good as new at the night time (even with the excruciating heat in my flat).

So first thing in the morning I went back to buy some, and it is amazing. I would definitely recommend this foundation to anyone, no matter what skin type you have, I can guarantee that this is the one for you. It will do all that you require from a foundation. My search for a perfect foundation is over.

YSL Foundation Link 
Worth. Every. Penny.

By Jess Ica (Lifestyle Contributor)

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